San Roque, Northern Samar

San Roque, Northern Samar Province, Philippines

Boundary of Northern Samar San Roque & Mondragon. _

Straight excellent roads of Northern Samar

Typhoon Devastation with all power lines

and houses down for many kilometers.

Barangay Hall Brgy Bantayan San Roque Northern Samar Vicinity Map of San Roque Northern Samar

Kids playing and girls chatting in the street.

Typhoon Devastation

Bantayan Elementary School

San Roque Northern Samar

Bantayan Elementary School wall and the buildings. Man pulling his Water buffalo.

Tabnon Bridge 766 KM south of Manila and 

24.7 KM east of Catarman Northern Samar..

Just a beautiful waterway sight while driving along the 

devastated areas along the roads of Northern Samar

Downtown San Roque Downtown San Roque
Downtown San Roque 28.9 KM east from Catarman Northern Samar.
Downtown San Roque Long straight and trikes.

San Roque

 Public Market

Don Juan F. Avalon National High School, San Roque High School student going back home for lunch.
San Roque Municipal Building.

 Kids wants a Photo for them.

San Roque Central Elementary

School Northern Samar

Entrance gate of San Roque Elementary School.

Pambujan is 6KM more from San Roque.

Thousands of large Mahogany trees along

Devastation of the Typhoon and the 

the National Highway blown over from the 

road to Pambujan, Laoang and Catubig

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