San Fernando Death March

San Fernando Death March, Pampanga, Philippines


Death March Marker Kms. 100, Clark, Angeles Clark Cemetery.

Cemetery of American and Filipino

soldiers in Clark, Angeles, Pampanga.

Clark Cemetery

Clarks Cemetery site was established in 1950 and contains Non-World War II related remains from the base and other US Cemeteries in Manila. It is the last active USAFF Cemetery outside of the US. The graves date back to 1900. all branches of the United States Armed Forces are represented as well as Philippine Scouts. Philippine Constabulary and citizens of other nations. The Cemetery contains 12,000 people grave sites in an area encompassing 20.365 Acres.

Bataan Death March stone Marker where the Filipinos and

American prisoners forced to marched from Bataan.

Death March

At this railroad station of San Fernando. The Filipino and American Prisoners of war who had been marched all the way from Mariveles, Bataan to Pampanga, in one of the ghastliest forced marched in History, where loaded like cattle on boxcars, where, because every compartment was packed to the limit, Many suffocated or were crushed to death during the trip to Capas and Camp O" Donnell.

Railroad station where the Filipino and Americans soldiers

ride going to Capas, Tarlac and Camp O" Donnell.

Bataan Death March Marker Kms. 102 in 


San Fernando City Pampanga.

This railroad station was built on 1892 and used to loaded 

the Filipino and American prisoners to Camp O" Donnell.

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