Samar Province  Philippines

Visiting around our Samar

Bridge to Samar from Leyte Looking back towards Leyte

End of the San Juanico bridged to Samar which is

83.365 to Catbalogan the capital of Western Samar.

Banana trees and rice paddies Rice paddies and water buffalo.
Water Buffalo grazing in shade.. Very nice Rice Paddy
When the trucks and buses go by they blow the dried hulls off off the rice grains. More Rice drying on the pavement with worker raking around to speed up drying..
One more check point No more road they used the it to dry rice.
Typical house made of a bamboo and palm along the road. It was to totally rebuilt by 2008.
!6 guesses why it takes so long.... 15 don't count..
Check point and Town clock that doesn't work. Another deep one
Rice on side of pavement drying to be sold.. Wood for fire drying to be sold..
We didn't have room on our land so we built our houses in the street.. It is down to one lane thru this Brgy. How fast did you say?
The holes are really this deep! Just pray nothing is coming over the hill
Coconuts ready for pick-up Check point just south of Catbalogan
Two cute Girls running along the Roadway ready to take a bath. Beautiful Mountain and Ocean of Samar about 6 kms. from Catbalogan.
Overloaded Jeepney with an Ice loaded on the back. We bought our Pineapple from him 4 cut for 100 pesos.
Removing the Eyes of the Pineapple. Removing the shell of the Pineapple.
Jeepney stop to buy a Pineapple also. Starting to remove the shell.
A kid that has no Pants with his Mama. Two Kids on a street.
We've been passing on this road many times but that Bus never changes. Boxing convention in Paranas Samar
In Samar most Farmers used Water Buffalo to help them in Farm especially in digging a Soil but most farmers in Samar has already a Tractor which is a lot easier and fastest way to dig the soil. Water buffalo carrying a Cart with a Man using the Banana leaves as a protection from the Rain.

Another variety of Candelabra Lily

that smells and is beautiful.

High school kids walking from their school  sharing Umbrella because it is raining. A man with his Water buffalo ready to get rest just after from his farm.
Farmer looks so tired just after from his farm. The Big Rice paddies in  Samar with a people working on it Rice is the main crop of Samar.
Little and Cute Girl with her bike that didn't smiled to us. Planting Rice in the Rice fields under the Rain.
Roadside Pineapple Sales Flat tire.. Thanks for the rough road.

Rice plant Seedling beds and Rice Paddies  


 the other side along the concrete walk way 

Loida waiting on Phil to came back from playing on the Rice Paddies Chinese Tractor and carts, Replacement of the Carabao (Phil calls Water Buffalo)
Close- up of the Chinese made Rice tiller. Uh Oh! Bus has same problem with us. Blow - out
Beautiful road of the southern part of Samar, thank you Congressman!!! . A Jeepney coming from the highway figure - out what Phil's doing.
People getting on overloaded Jeepney. The Jeepney is the main Transportation in the Philippines.

Return trip to Samar after

Mindanao and Leyte July 2006 

Before San Jorge, Western 

Samar on National road

San Jorge, Western 

Samar Philippines

You cannot find any gas station when you leave

litre of coke is 

 Catbalogan except in  Calbayog but do not worry Gas in a everywhere.

Wife is always the one keep the money. Trikes are here also.
Small town from San Jorge, Western Samar. Entering downtown proper of San Jorge.

Cathedral of 

San Jorge, Samar.

Three kids in a small Bike. Smooth road but not long.

Five boys on a small motorcycle, Just a normal load going 

 to Sta. Margarita's Festival, city before Calbayog Samar.

Brgy used all curve signs in their community. Kids in National Hwy. Phil showing the station attendant how to put the gas in using the Coke Bottles.
The Coke bottles on the right are the gas in liters. Two kids own the Sari-sari gas station.
Guy who made a picture for us. Loida's uniform in High School from the Municipality of Sta. Margarita.

This is the busy town of Sta. Magarita because it's party 

time means they are celebrating their Fiesta.

South of


 Little Girl posing for me... with her pretty Parasol Dah? beautiful flower along National Hwy

Gravel Road 10K north of

Brgy. Mercedes, Catbalogan 

Mountain farms

of Inland Samar

The Lone Tree on the edge of a mountain

with the field below going straight down.

Leaving Samar for Leyte
Leaving our Samar Island for Leyte
Over Bridge to Taclabon, Leyte Best have your seat belt on from now on

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