Lope de Vega, Northern Samar

Lope de Vega Municipality, Northern Samar Province, Philippines


Welcome to Catarman Capital of Northern Samar

They dig the mountain to make a road and it is not a bad road by the way.
A man driving the Bulldozer. Wow! What a road? Am I in Samar.
Cute kids holding each other. Two cute best friends holding hands with their parasol.
Long curvy mountain road. A yearly record of each Brgy. in Lope de Vega N. Samar
Pig running off from the road. Oink! An Elementary school at the middle going to Catarman Northern, Samar.

Elementary school in Brgy.Getigo  

municipality of Lope de Vega.







Gen. Luna




Lope De Vega 

L. Caynaga 








San Francisco

San Jose 

San Miguel 


U.  Caynaga 

A mixer for the gravel, sand and cement. Concrete roads are done by the local people by hand with a mixer.
Good road goes forever. Coconut and a Bamboo house on the the mountain.
A quiet and beautiful place of Brgy. Poblacion in Lope de Vega Northern, Samar. ... Yearly record of Brgy. Poblacion about 30 Kms from the Junction of Nat Hwy 1
Another Sari-sari gas station. Gas is inside behind bikes.. Bamboo neat fence with a little girl ready to school.

A neat Town of 

Lope de Vega. 

Lope de Vega about 32.8 kms. from the junction, 

 -24KM, Tarabucan 21K, Getigo 28K from the junction

Cabucangan 12KM begins Mountains, Construction 16K

and Beautiful road with a coconut trees in both side.

Entering Brgy. Cabatuan just after the bridge. A long straight road going to Catarman Northern, Samar.
Yearly record of Brgy. Bayho in Lope de Vega N. Samar. Cute kids going to pitch water.
An overloaded tuck with a full of Coconut that was dried called  (Copra in Philippines.)   That is how they do with the coconut meat they dry it under the sun called Copra to make an oil. 

Men working the road and the 

drainage in Northern Samar.

Beautiful road. A family on a motorcycle and men working the drainage.
 Brgy. Cervantes 46 Kms. North of Nat. Hwy 1 Jct. Teachers outside of their rooms just after the class.

Supposed to be the Iglesia church of Brgy. Cervantes but

driver drives too fast and Phil's note of distances.

Children going back to school. People walking along the road in Brgy. Cervantes.
Group of Little boys going back to their school. A sisters sharing a parasol... Is that cute?
Sari-sari gas station in Brgy. Cervantes Northern, Samar.

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