Brgy Rawis, Laoang, N Samar

End of the Roadway.. Laoang, Brgy Rawis, Northern Samar, Philippines


Vicinity Map Laoang, 46 KM east of Catarman, N Samar 

_ Barangay Rawis Arch, Laoang, Northern Samar.
Public Market Barangay Rawis, Laoang, Northern Samar. Nearing the end of the roadway to the north east

Silver Star Buses waiting near their terminals for the

across the River and other Municipalities to the east in 

Passengers to come back on the boats from Laoang Proper

Northern Samar where there are no roads for vehicles.

Trikes and Pedicabs waiting

for fares at their Terminal

Trikes and Pedicabs waiting

for fares at their Terminal

Passenger Boats (Machines) waiting

 for passengers to go across the river

Unloading School students from across the river Our car in the background at the end of the road.

Typical very nice Filipinos

Laoang Proper in background across the River

In the background across the river you can see Laoang

Proper,  you will have to take a boat (Machine) from here.

End of the drivable Road at Rawis, Laoang,

Northern Samar. 46.4 kms. east of Catarman.

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