From Brgy Bobolosan to Simora, Laoang

Brgy Bobolosan, Brgy Lawaan, Brgy Cangcatipos & Brgy Simora

Laoang, Northern Samar, Philippines


Road to Catubig Proper and the University of


Eastern Philippines Catubig Campus

South bound 26 Kilometers to check out Catubig Barangay Hall Bobolosan Laoang
Vicinity Map. Check it out we have fuel now!!!!

Powerline crew taking lunch break

Cathedral Barangay Bobolosan Laoang Northern Samar.

Boundary Marker for Barangay

Bobolosan Laoang, Northern Samar 

Barangay Bobolosan Elementary School getting cleaned 

up after the Typhoon hit Laoang, Northern Samar

Happiness even after the disaster 

Work in progress

Waiting Shed and houses along the National Highway 

in Barang Lawaan Laoang, Northern Samar.

Welcome marker at Barangay Cangcatipos, Laoang Devastation is everywhere and no one complains.
A Copra warehouse in Brgy Cangcatipos, Laoang More Devastation from the Typhoon of 10-3-06

Cangcatipos Primary School, Brgy

Cangcatipos, Laoang

End of Brgy Cangcatipos, Laoang Northern Samar.

Begin Brgy Simora, Laoang Northern Samar.

Entering Barangay Simora

Laoang Northern Samar.

Iglesia Church

Lady walking near Municipality Stadium

Wonderful people and

the bridge at Simora

Simora Elementary 

School Campus

Lunch and we were invited to join

Lady waiting at Jeepney Bridge

Barangay Hall Simora 

Laoang Northern Samar.

We continued on to Catubig and the University

of Eastern Philippines Catubig Campus

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