Capas Tarlac

Capas, Tarlac Death March Monument


Bataan Death March Monument in Capas, Tarlac. .... They make this as their recreational area.

This is where the train end from San Fernando after a long the inhumanities treatment of the Japanese soldiers they 

walk from Mariveles, Bataan. and those who survived from

still  need to walk about 6 kms. to Camp O" Donnell.

Helping to each other. The Death March park in Capas Tarlac.

Capas Death March Monument

            Built in an inverted V structure, This monument is a historical marker of the infamous concentration camp where nearly 30,000 Filipino and Americans soldiers that participated in the Death March perished in 1942, I depicts the endurance and heroism of valiant soldier defenders of freedom and democracy. An emblem stands as an historical marker located three kilometers from the town proper along the highway.

            The sky high structure reminds everyone the ruins and destruction of human lives among the prisoners in exchange to the tranquility that this country must sustain. Lives lost and gone can only be reminisced from this memorable symbol as anybody think of horror, atrocities, and disclotion brought about by World War II.

            As long as this shrine stands excellently pointing to high heavens people of the world are informed of its meaning and existence. It announces to the four corner of the universe that in the Municipality of Capas there’s an emblem signifying the brave soldiers of the infamous death march advocating peace. That is freedom and peace encapsulated into one needing an echo to the troubled spots of the world to know and for all the most destructive act of all times.

The Death March along the National

 Highway in Capas, Tarlac.

We know how important the history to everyone of us, specially this devastating experience of the Filipinos and Americans soldiers during World War II  from the hand of the Japanese soldiers.

We drove from Mariveles, Bataan, San Fernando, Pampanga where they ride in the train to Capas, Tarlac to see the Capas Death March monument and the Camp O” Donnell.

We feel bad and get hurt when we saw how the people of Capas treated this Death March monument, There is people living and throwing trash in that park everywhere, kids are playing and throwing rocks to the monument, and then when we told them to stop playing and throwing rocks on the monument they laughs including the adults. Who are supposed to guide, teach and advice this kids about the Death March monument. And their is people also playing poker inside of the poker.

The monuments looks like that nobody is taking care of it even the officials of Capas, Tarlac. We almost cry when we saw the monument looks like that, How come there is people in the Philippines who don’t give any care about the history. They did not think on how those people sacrifice their lives for the freedom of our country.

Respect and let us honor this heroes and be thankful for them because maybe without them our country will is still be in the prison until now.

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