Biliran Island, Inland

From Naval on the west coast over the mountain inland to Caibiran, Biliran Province, Visayas Islands, Philippines

... From Naval over the mountain inland to Caibiran
From Naval, it said Caibiran is straight but where there is a Wall.. hehehe. They are very serious in planting the Rice, Hot and Cold they are working on it, and that is the way where they spent all of their time.
Thick Fog. Building the highway.

Couples riding like  

 us in the mountain.

Almost all the people in Biliran are Farmers and their main 

 crop is Rice Biliran just like also in Bananue Ifugao.

Most Farmers they used the Water Buffalo  

 to dig the soil especially in the Rice fields.

School teachers posing, With the other people there. A Guy carrying a seedlings of Rice in the basket.
Man and Carabao plowing the rice patty for planting. Clouds 
Man and Carabao plowing and reading the rice patty below Even though very rough road, it is beautiful here.
Rough large rock road and large trees Man and boy with Jack Fruit and lady with root vegetables.
Duh? But plant about a meter tall. Mountain boys after Phil gave them 1 1/4 Pesos.
Cute mountain girls! The whole mountain  Family along the roadway.
Cute mountain people, People there are just nice. Oink! Oink! Oink! ...........

The  cute baby Pig  

 looking for their Mothers.

They dig the Mountain in building a Road. A Chicken Family.. Just cute.....
Two cute filipino boys, Phil gave them 1 peso each. Rough road going to Tinago Water Falls.
Still the same road going to Tinago Water  Falls which is one of the Tourist spot of the province. Duh? 
JCT for (N) and (S) at Caibiran (All rough and rocky road) Sign at Brgy Cabibihan, Caibiran to Tinago Water  Falls

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