Ayungon Municipality

Ayungon, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Entering the Municiplity of Ayungon. .... Ayungon Central Elementary School.

Ayungon Elementary School building.

Ayungon Municipal Office.
In the shed waiting for the rain gone. Downtown Ayungon.
Highway in Downtown going thru to Bindoy. South Poblacion Elementary School.
Ayungon High School Campus. High School Students practising.

Ayungon High School

Entrance Gate.

National road going thru to Bindoy Municipality.
Our 20 May trip through Ayungon from San Carlos City to Dumaguete City
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Entering Ayungon.  82 KM going to Dumaguete City
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National Road in Ayungon going to Dumaguete City.
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An Ayungon Elementary School
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School Entrance
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Leaving Ayungon and going to the next Municipality.
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